General Information

School Day

8:50 First bell

8:55 Oh Canada and morning announcements

9:00 Classes begin

10:15-10:45 Recess

11:45-12:45 Lunch and recess

12:45 Afternoon classes begin

2:05-2:20 Recess

3:40 Dismissal


Physical Education Classes: Days 2, 4 & 5

Music Education Classes: Days 1, 3 & 6


Attendance at school is compulsory for all children. Regular daily attendance at school by all students is essential to support student achievement.


If your child is going to be absent from school, please inform your child’s teacher or contact the office at 204-353-2869. The school secretary will attempt to call home if we do not hear from you. If reporting an absence, you may leave a phone message. Messages are checked in the morning before 9:00am.


Student safety is a primary concern of our staff; therefore, we always send children home on their regular buses. As outlined in the divisional document entitled “Riding the School Bus”, students may be transported on buses other than their regular bus only in emergency situations or under extenuating circumstances. NOTE: the driver can refuse the request if there is no room on the bus. Notification from a parent or guardian is required.

Directory Information

It is critical that the school have your current address, phone number, the phone number of your work place and the number of an alternate contact.  If there is any change, please inform the school immediately. 

All Visitors Must Report to the Office

Parents and visitors must enter the building using the main school entrance with the staircase. Please ring the bell for entry. Visitors should then report to the office. For an extended visit, we ask that visitors/volunteers sign in and request a visitor/volunteer badge. As per dismissal information, if picking up students, please do so at 3:40 past the outdoor classroom near the south doors. Please meet your child outside at this location. Please note that students must be picked up by 3:40. If not picked up by 3:40, students will be sent on their regular bus.

Recess Information

Recess is a crucial part of a child’s mental and social development. It’s valued as an important part of a child’s school experience! Even on days when the weather is not the best, we believe that outdoor recess is fundamental. We ask parents to dress their child appropriately for the weather conditions. During the winter months when the cold weather is upon us, it is important to dress your child in layers and make sure they have the essentials, including a scarf, boots, skipants, tuque, mittens, etc. Please label all articles with your child’s name. During our spring months, it is important to send your child with extra dry clothing, a raincoat and rubber boots. Sunshine, wind, snow and a little rain will not keep us indoors. This will be at the discretion of the supervisors.

When the temperature falls below -27 C, students will remain indoors.

During recess and lunch breaks, the supervisors outside with the children will have keys to unlock doors should a child need to get inside.

Health/Medical Concerns

If your child has a medical condition or activity restrictions, please inform the school office and your child’s teacher. This is critical if your child has allergies or other medical conditions that may place your child at risk during school hours. Students with one of the following conditions: diabetes, seizure disorder, asthma, life threatening allergy, cardiac condtion, bleeding disorder, etc. will be required to complete a URIS form so that health plan/interventions can be established. École St. Eustache is a NUT and FISH AWARE School.


We understand that, at times, a medical practitioner will prescribe medication to a child that must be administered during the school day. If this occurs, parents are responsible for completing the “Administration of Medication” form and supplying the medication in its original container. Medication should be brought to the office to be stored safely during the day.