Extra-Curricular Activities

Student Voice

The group consists of 2 students from each class and the composition of the group changes each month.  This group is the voice of the students and is responsible for bringing concerns and ideas forward from their classrooms. Students meet two to three times per month. They are responsible for discussing possible changes in our school and organize our spirit days each month.  They also have the important responsibility of reporting their discussions back to their class. This is a great leadership opportunity and each child has the option to participate in the group at some point during the year.

Run Club

Run club takes place twice per year. In the fall, students in grades 4 to 6 are welcome to join in order to practice for the Cross Country run. During the spring, grades 3 to 6 students can participate in order to train for the Manitoba Marathon 2.6 mile super run. They can participate in run club regardless of whether or not the will participate in the event. Training in both seasons takes place during the lunch recess. We begin easy, with some interval training of 30 seconds jogging and 30 seconds walking. We gradually increase jog time and decrease walk time. Run club is a great way to stay or get in shape, have fun and prepare students for a wide variety of sports.  

Intramural Sports

Intramural sports take place days 2, 4 and 5 at lunch for students in grades 4-6. Intramural sports are at lunch and are completely optional for students in those grades.  Intramural sports we play at lunch include volleyball, dodgeball, floor hockey, basketball and badminton.  For team sports, students are divided into 4 teams of usually around 8-9 students each.  Teams play a round robin style where each team plays each other once.  After the round robin, we have a semi-final and final round.  For badminton, each grade has one day to play as turnout is high and court space is limited.  Intramural sports at lunch are designed to give students the opportunity to further advance some of the sport skills learned in class and to compete against others in the school.

Volleyball Tournament 5/6

Our grade 5/6 volleyball tournament happens yearly in November at St. Francois Xavier Community School. It gives students a chance to play volleyball against students from a different school.  Students are divided into mixed teams with students from St. Francois.  The tournament is purely for fun and skill development.

Tennis Baseball 5/6

The tennis baseball tournament happens yearly in June at Ecole St. Eustache. Like the volleyball tournament, the two schools compete in mixed teams.  Tennis baseball plays exactly the same as baseball but we use a tennis racquet and tennis ball.  Again, the tournament is for fun and a chance to meet and compete against students from a different school.

Ski Club

This winter, we will be trying a new lunchtime activity at Ecole St. Eustache. Mme Dueck and M. Aaron will be running a cross-country ski club for grades 4 to 6 students who are interested.  The club will be for students who are looking for some exercise outside and learning a life-long activity.  Depending on the number of students, we may have to divide into two groups.  We have around 22 pairs of cross-country skis.

Curling and Golf

This year, I would like to have the opportunity to get some students out to do some curling at one of the curling clubs around the school. We will also try and bring back golf this year.  June is a very busy month for everyone with camp and track and field and other end of the year activities but we will try and find a day.


We have three skating days for K-6 students booked this year and I am looking forward to having the opportunity to skate with all the students again. We go to the arena across from the school.


Our Orff club meets once or twice a week during lunch recess. This club is an extension of everything that we do in Music class. We always come back to our basics: sing, play, move, create and explore. In our Orff club, this looks like singing in unison and parts, learning songs on all the instruments in our Music room, learning dances and of course making up our own songs and dances. And we learn how to do this all at the same time!

The Orff club gets its name from Carl Orff, a German composer and educator from the early 1900s. He felt that movement, music and language needed to be integrated to be learned robustly. You don’t really know a concept until you can speak it, sing it, move it, play it, describe it and create using it whether it is a rhythm like a syncopa, or a style of playing like staccato or swing. In an orchestra, each person only learns one part, but in Orff you need to know and be able to do every part.

Japanese Club

M. Griffith is fluent in Japanese and, on day 5s, will host a Japanese club. At this club, students can learn words and phrases in this unique language. They can also learn about Japanese culture. It is open to students at all grade levels.

Green Team

The Green Team learns about how to help the school be more environmentally sustainable. They contribute to the school by organizing and managing parts of the recycling system.