French Immersion Information

French Immersion is a highly successful approach to second language learning. It is an effective way for students to become functionally fluent in French while achieving all of the objectives of the regular school program.

In Manitoba, the French Immersion Program has been recognized since 1995 as an official program by the Department of Education and Training. Graduates from French Immersion receive essentially the same education as their peers in English language schools, with the added benefit of having a second language.

Recent studies show that learning another language has a positive impact on your child’s first language and enhances learning in all areas. The French Immersion experience can lead students to the richness of bilingual and bicultural thinking. As a result of these benefits, French Immersion provides our youth an important “21st century asset” and, to use the words of His Excellency John Ralston Saul, it gives them “an invaluable added strength in life”.


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